Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Win Big on Facebook

Where have I been?  Some where in the bloggershere.  Reading what other people have to say and living my life off of the computer...well sort of.

I have taken a 9 to 5 which is primarily at a PC.  I am in a bit of a rebellion against being on the computer all day, I am vowing to keep it short.  After all, going on to the Internet can have the "casino effect". 

What is the "casino effect?" you might ask...

The casino effect is what happens when you go into a casino. You loose track of time because there are no clocks or windows. No clocks and windows is by design to keep your focus on the game, not on the reality of time passing.   You stare at a screen or another person (dealer or someone else) in anticipation of something happening to make your life better.   Your hope is to win big!  More times than not, you won't.

Here's a way to win big and help others win big too.  Use your time on the internet to do something positive, encourage someone on Facebook.  Post your favorite scripture and then tell why it's your favorite.  You might start a dialog which is more meaningful than any other online dialog you have ever read.  The Word does not return itself void.

I'm posting Romans 8:28. Toodles...