Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let It Snow

We recently moved from Texas to Ohio. From one “small town” which is relatively new and shiny to another “small town” which is old and rusty. One of my biggest adjustments, since being in Ohio is the winter weather. I am a southerner to the core.

This town is an old steel town with the remnants of an era gone by and the scenic landscape of an economy which needs a stimulus package. It could also use a few transplants to occupy all of the vacant, abandoned homes. I am surprised to say that I am enjoying the beauty that a covering of snow can add to a place like where we live. When it’s covered in snow, it all seems remarkably new and shiny.

It all looks the same…beautiful. So let it snow. This is yet another one of God's spectacular works.

“He hath made everything beautiful in its time: also he hath set eternity in their heart, yet so that man cannot find out the work that God hath done from the beginning even to the end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

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  1. Youngstown is glad to have you and your family!! Yes, this steel town has something job erosion cannot take away, beautiful winters!! God really blesses us by allowing us to see all the seasons in full beauty.

    This is a beautiful way to reach out and encourage women from all over.

    God bless and enlarge your territory!
    Jackie R


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