Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Love Being At Home...Do You?

It dawned upon me today that I really enjoy being at home.  Maybe, it's because we have a mountain of snow around us.'s not really a mountain.

There is something about coming home to a warm, inviting place where you can relax and enjoy family.  I like to cuddle up with a hot camomille tea and my comfy sweats.  I don't always look like a bag lady in my sweats, nor should you :).  So, find something comfy and cute to cuddle up in.

My home is a place of refuge, love and peace.

My other job (the one outside of my home) requires lots of human interaction.  Many times those interactions are good but sometimes they are not.    My job at home requires just as much interaction; but,  those interactions are the perks of being a homemaker.  I enjoy all of the jobs assigned to me no matter what challenges they bring.   I love the jobs of Mom and Wife the most.  Who knew I was this domestic?

What do you love about your home?

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